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Message  Krakr le Mar 19 Fév - 9:29

Je commence à poster les diverses questions qui ont été posées sur les forums GeG et WAB anglais, pour éviter de naviguer à droite à gauche. Si vous voulez, à terme, je pourrai traduire le sujet.


* Does the malus of -1 to kill artillery and chariot and -2 to kill elephant apply for artillery shots ?


* Does the malus of -1 to hit moving open order infantry apply to pilum ?


* Does the -1 to hit moving open order infantry still applies when you stand and fire as a charge response ?


* Another question concerning hills and shooting. The rule says " Troops deployed on a hill are permitted to fire over friendly troops and have LoS over obstacles such as walls and copses." and precises that ennemy troops can shoot units using a hill with the same restrictions. Can units on a hill fire over ennemy troops ?

Yes, you may shoot over enemy troops.

* Page 87 : "Bucklers, Shields, Large Shield and Spara never add their ARM bonus against shooting attacks to their unprotected right side or rear"
Page 52 : "Units with shield may not use them, and their ARM check is adjusted accordingly, if they are hit by missiles from the rear"

Question is about the right side (for standard formation, not phalanx or shieldwall) is it protected or not with shields ?


* Question is simple : do we round down or not with 25% loss from shooting ?
With 11 figs after a 2 loss, do they test ?

You need to "pass" 25%. So a unit of 11 figures only test after losing a third model.


* I had a situation I couldn't resolve during a game.

B & C are friendly units


B & A are engaged in a hand-to-hand. B wins the hand-to-hand, A makes a retreat and disrupted result when it takes a moral test. But, during the beginning of the next turn, unit C fails to rally and continues to flee, so B must take a moral test. It loses it by one, making a retreat and disrupted result.
What happens next ?

B wins combat but fails a ML test in the Orders phase and retreats.
A cannot pursue. It did not win the combat (see Pursuit, pg 68).
Therefore, both units are disengaged.


* A new player is really interested in representing baggages for his armies and asked me some questions :

Do you recommand a size for the baggage stand ?

If you choose to put it on the table, how do you handle with it ?

Can an unit choose to go out of the table by the ennemy edge to loot the baggage ?

The only provision for baggage is on page 69 - Pursuit off the table.

There is plenty of scope within making scenarios that include one of both sides' baggage on the tabletop.
Perhaps the baggage area would have an option to be fortified for some armies for x number of points. There is plenty in the rules already to cover how this would work. There would be some baggage guards and these may be upgradeable.

As far as size goes, who knows! A fortified camp might be a quite large piece, with a frontage of 30cm or more. It also might be a collection of diorama style bases (I have these for my Anglo-Danish army).

* When one is using combined formations, what are the unit minimums (minima?) one should apply?
So, for example, in the Burgundian list, you can run mounted gendarmes in units of 8-20, and up to half of their unit can be coustilliers, who, if deployed by themselves, come in units of 6-15.

You apply the minimum required by the unit chosen.
In the case of gendarmes, it's minimum 8 including coustilliers miniatures (which just replace some gendarmes miniatures).

* In the later Spartan list, the Spartans have the expert swordsmen rule. They also have spears which allows them to fight in two ranks (even when charging seeing as they are a phalanx). Can a Spartan unit switch weapon options between combat rounds? For example, can I have the best of both worlds by charging in with my spears in round 1, but then in the second round switching over to swords?

Yes, you can switch !

* It's about the special interpenetration rule for Normans in Age of Ravens. I didn't find anything concerning charges. Can a unit of milites use the interpenetration rule to charge a target passing through a unit of archers ?

This rule does not allow the milites to declare a charge through a unit.

* It is said with king of king trait that allied and mercenaries could benefit for general's moral.
It is specified in the allied rules that normally allies do not use general's moral but nothing is written about mercenaries.
So do they take general's moral bonus or not without king of king trait ?

Mercenaries may use the general's and sub-commanders' bonuses. If the baggage is taken, any mercenaries must test "as if the general had fled or been killed." In this instance they would not use his ML bonus.
The unit loses the mercenaries or allies rule if the general is King of kings.

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Re: FAQ en anglais

Message  Admin le Mar 19 Fév - 12:37

Thank you Julie cheers Razz
Voila qui m'éclaire quelques intérrogations Very Happy

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Re: FAQ en anglais

Message  -Gamot- le Mar 19 Fév - 21:15

Merci de nous fournir cet outil.

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Re: FAQ en anglais

Message  Punisher Ced le Mer 20 Fév - 7:11

Pour l'interpénétration des Normands nous avons la réponse maintenant Wink
C'est bien ce que l'on a fait, uniquement en cas de retraite Wink
Punisher Ced
Punisher Ced

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Re: FAQ en anglais

Message  argrom le boucher le Mer 20 Fév - 7:57

Même si je lis en ce moment la traduction des règles, merci pour cette FAQ.
argrom le boucher
argrom le boucher

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Re: FAQ en anglais

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